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Completely private room, complete reservation system


​What is Ishigami Healing?

​Space for healing and real health


The only private hot spring in Tokyo!
nobleCustomized for youdetox with
of high spring quality made possibleArtificial hot spring

Mount Fuji.jpg

​A room with a view of Mount Fuji

Hot spring/Footbath/Massage machine
Cure Pillow & Demba Health Mat
Veranda (rooftop) BBQ space (reservation required, free)

Full of charm that makes you forget your daily fatigue
It is a reserved space.

Alone, with a lover, with a family...
You can enjoy it freely.


​I want to leave a beautiful Japan for the future


​ Nice to meet you.

We came to Tokyo from the countryside and were originally office workers.
I have experienced both the goodness of nature and the convenience of the city.
on the other hand,
I have experienced suffering from poor physical condition due to stress and environmental pollution caused by information manipulation as a trend of the times.

Under such circumstances, I thought that I could do something that was considerate of people and the environment, and started Ishigami Yuu.

In particular, I have been working on researching things like malfunctions caused by invisible (mental) problems. As a result, we have received many words of appreciation from our customers.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any problems that you cannot find the cause of.

​If there is something you don't understand, I would like to honestly tell you that I don't understand it, and then let me investigate.

​We will strive to provide custom-made services and health products for each individual.

​                       From Mr. and Mrs. Yu Ishigami


​Strengths of Ishigami Yuu

Find the healing that suits you

  1. メタトロンで不調の原因を特定
  2. 不調の原因に基づき、メタトロン・温泉・東医整体で改善
  3. 中医学・免疫学・環境科学に基づき自宅ケアのアドバイス

Komeiseki Onsen



Ishigamiyu is "Komeiseki Onsen"

Among the natural ores that exist in the natural world, Yakuseki Komeiseki "quasi-drug", which is said to have the strongest ionization action, is the main spring source. Efficacy Neuralgia, rheumatism, stiff shoulders, back pain, hemorrhoids, sensitivity to cold, sensitivity to cold before and after childbirth, recovery from fatigue

Uses Quantum Wave Generator Metatron

A machine called Metatron is used to measure the frequency. We will suggest ways to build a healthy body by judging from the body's unhealthy areas, eating habits, etc.

​In addition, through Metatron, we have answered your current physical worries and anxieties, as well as how to improve your lifestyle.



Use of purely domestically-made “Cabizero” for peace of mind

It has four functions necessary for slimming menu: double cavitation, double ultrasound, active EMS, and iontophoresis.


Philosophy of Ishigami Yuu

The rabbit logo is ​, which means that we are kind to nature and listen to the unspoken voices of our customers, just like rabbit ears.


Commitment of Ishigami Yuu

​We do not use anything that pollutes the environment.
1, organic, additive-free

Shampoo, treatment oil, etc. at our storeWhat we use is organic or additive-free and naturalWe only use materials that are gentle on
​​2,DetergentCommitment to ​

Cleaning and laundry at our shopIn doing so, we use ingredients that do not cause allergies in consideration of the safety of our customers and staff.
​​3, Detox help

​​Currently, Japan is polluted with many harmful substances, and the disharmony between the natural world and our human bodies leads to the deterioration of our health. I'm here.
​Even if you are in the city, we will help you safely eliminate the harmful substances that have accumulated in your body so that you can exercise your immune system as close to nature as possible.
​​4, Made in Japan

​We handle local production for local consumption as much as possible and products from manufacturers who are willing to contribute to the national interest of Japan.
​​5, Fusion of traditional goodness and cutting-edge technology

Using Metatron's state-of-the-art technology, we continue to research and quantify the traditional relaxation effect​ as much as possible.
​Even stiff shoulders may come from internal disorders
is digitized and used in the treatment.


​We will send out various information

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store information

Store name: Ishigami Yuu-Sakuji no Yu-

Nearest station: 2 minute walk from Kamishakujii Station

business hours

Monday/Wednesday/Thursday 11:00-23:00

Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays 11:00 - 8:00 the next morning

Regular holiday: Every Tuesday and public holidays (weekdays only)

Telephone reception hours: 11:00 to 20:00

Phone number 080-4201-3570

電話番号    03-6762-1638


Room 1002, Happiness Tower, 1-12-7 Kamishakujii, Nerima-ku, Tokyo

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