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  Remedy sugar ball (20g)



Pick up at the salon・・・・・・・3000 yen

 Domestic delivery・・・・・・・・・・・・・・3500 yen

Using a half-price ticket (pick up at the salon): 1500 yen

Using half-price tickets (domestic delivery): 2,500 yen


<Reason for recommending Remedy Sugar Balls>

Reason 1: Up to 5 types of frequencies necessary for each person's body can be blended.

(Healing frequencies can be supplemented at home or at work for tissues with disturbed frequencies.)


Reason 2: Because it can continue to send strong frequency and is suitable for chronic disorders

(By continuously and strongly supplementing the frequency for chronic disorders,

May promote health and prevent illness. )


Reason 3: Because it is sugar, it is safe for people of all ages and constitutions.

(Because the ingredients are sugar, it is not related to allergies. Suitable for everyone from children to frail elderly people.)


 How to save 

* Expiration date: From the date of manufacture1 monthwhile


*Four things to keep in mind when storing in order to achieve long-term effects

(1) Do not put in the refrigerator

(2) Do not place near electronic devices

Tightly close the sealed aluminum foil bag, store in a drawer at room temperature

Use a spoon when taking out the sugar balls. Do not put your fingers in the bag.

Remedy sugar ball (20g)

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