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 MD Silicon (500ml/50ml)  (detoxify-food01)  


<Reason for recommending MD silicon>

Reason 1: Because it can excrete harmful heavy metals that inhibit pregnancy, growth and health

The health and vitality of eggs and sperm depends on the composition and quantity of blood, the state of mind and spirit. Blood that is rich in nutrients and does not contain harmful substances is less likely to get sick and can live a long and healthy life.


Reason 2: It can reduce the oxidizing power of chlorine in tap water

Tap water contains chlorine, which rusts your body. By adding MD silicon, reducing power works and you can drink water that does not rust.


Reason 3: Because we have confidence in the safety of production at a GMP certified factory in Japan

Everything from raw materials to commercialization is done at a "GMP certified factory" recommended by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.

There are several other products that use silicon in the world, but this manufacturer in particular has proven its safety as follows.


 Commitment to Safety 

(1) Amorphous and gently absorbed into the body

(2) Stable concentration of 8000-9300ppm

(3) All raw materials, manufacturing, and commercialization are produced at a "GMP certified factory (certification number: 25417, 21313)" recommended by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.

(4) Safety has been demonstrated through reverse mutation tests and acute oral toxicity tests.



Option: half price supplement water - ¥1000 ticket

For those who wish to have "Ouchi de Ningen Dock + Care", we will give you a ticket (with a special code) for half price -1000 yen for supplement water (list price 2000 yen).

For detoxification of harmful heavy metals! MD Silicon (500ml・50ml)

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  • While no preservatives are addedLasts up to 5 years (stored in a cool place without a refrigerator)

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