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 For removing bacteria and residual pesticides! Scallop shell powder (150g)  (detoxify-food02) 


<Reason for recommending scallop shell powder>

Reason 1: Because it can remove residual pesticides and food additives from various ingredients

It would be best if we could have safely grown vegetables, meat and fish, but if the situation is difficult, we recommend removing residual pesticides.


Reason 2: You can sterilize and wash baby bottles and cooking utensils

Strong surfactants can cause skin irritation and water pollution. I usually dissolve scalloped shell powder in water and polish it while spraying. When washing thoroughly, soak and wash.


Reason 3: Because it can be used for baby wipes, bath salts, and washing clothes

Dissolve scallop shell powder in water or hot water and use. Wring out a cotton towel to wipe your buttocks, use it as a bathing agent to caress your baby, or soak and wash your clothes.



Option: half price supplement water - ¥1000 discount coupon

For those who wish to have "Home de medical checkup + care", we will give you a ticket (with a special code) for half price -1000 yen for supplement water (list price 2000 yen).

For removing bacteria and residual pesticides! Scallop shell powder (150g)

¥1,760 Regular Price
¥1,500Sale Price
Sales Tax Included
  • While no preservatives are added5 years or more (stored at room temperature in an airtight state after opening)

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