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(Private hot spring space)

≪At private hot spring home spa Ishigami Yu, we ask that you comply with the following items in order to maintain comfort and safety≫



1. Usage time

  • Please confirm the available time slot at the time of application.

  • If you wish to extend, please contact us at least 1 hour before the end of the usage time.

  • However, depending on the reservation status, we may not be able to accept an extension.There may be cases.

  • For the extension, additional usage fee will be charged in cash.

  • The usage time includes all the time from loading (entering the room) to carrying out (exiting).

  • Please strictly observe the entrance and exit times. Basically, the service will occur from the reservation time.

  • If you are late due to unavoidable circumstances, it is necessary to judge whether the time can be adjusted according to the next reservation status.Please contact us as soon as possible.



2. Application and payment method

  • After confirming the terms of use and agreement (this document), please sign in advancePlease send it to us or fill it out at our shop on the day.

  • After confirming the purpose of use, the number of people, etc., if the hotel determines that it is inappropriate, we may refuse to use it.

  • The basic fee will be paid by HP credit card payment, and the optional payment will be paid in cash at our shop on the day.



 3. Prohibited itemsabout

  1. It is prohibited to turn off or unplug the mechanical equipment, Wifi, and monitoring cameras managed by the store without permission.

  2. In order to ensure the safety of public baths, in accordance with the ordinances of Tokyo, please be aware that a clerk will be stationed in the space, or that a security camera will be used to remotely monitor and staff will enter and exit for work. Interfering with the staff's watch is prohibited from the viewpoint of preventing drowning accidents, theft, and falls from high places.

  3. From the viewpoint of hygiene management guidance of the public health center, reheating is prohibited from the start of bathing so that human dirt does not get mixed with the hot spring equipment. If you need it, please ask the staff for hot water. Please keep the shower temperature below 42 degrees when adding hot water in the shower. Since hot springs come out of the shower, it is easy for water to leak from the device, so setting the temperature above 42 degrees is prohibited.

  4. There are other shops and residents in the vicinity of the space, so please refrain from using audio equipment such as karaoke above the specified volume. Please note that we will allow the use of audio equipment with music and volume suitable for relaxation.

  5. Smoking is prohibited in the room. Smoking space is only on the veranda. Please bring your own cigarette ashtray.

  6. If you use equipment in the space without permission, you will be asked to pay the normal rental price.

  7. If you fall under any of the following and do not listen to our cautionary advice, we will cancel or suspend the use even after application or during use. No refund shall be given at the time of cancellation.

  • When the purpose of use, method of use, and terms of use at the time of application are violated

  • When it is deemed inappropriate due to public morals or safety management.

  • When the usage time is exceeded without our consent

  • If you leave the room without permission without completing the return procedure (inspection for damage or loss of facilities and equipment)

  • Use by people who drink excessively, or acts that cause trouble for other customers

  • Underage drinking and smoking

  • If you commit an act that is contrary to public order and morals, or an act that may disturb public morals

  • When it turns out that the customer or attendee is affiliated with an organized crime group

  • When there is a risk of causing annoyance to nearby residents, such as noise

  • When bringing in dangerous items or items that emit strong odors

  • When walls, floors, tables, or other fixtures are soiled and cannot be returned to their original state

  • When tapes (gum, double-sided, etc.) or nails are used on facility fixtures



4. Notes

  • Pregnant women, frail people, people with chronic illnesses or disabilities should be accompanied by an adult family member.

  • Our service is not a medical practice, but care that enhances natural healing power through relaxation.

  • Even if the disorder improves as a result of the customer's natural healing power increasing, it is not a medical practice (similar) act.

  • Please separate all garbage when using, put it in a bag and seal it. Please take all items other than food and beverages home with you.

  • Please bring your personal belongings in and out during the operating hours.

  • Permanent furniture can be moved and used, but please return it to its current state when finished.

  • There is no parking lot in this space. Please use the nearby parking lot.

  • If you bring in food and drink, you will be responsible for all problems related to that food and drink.



5. Division of Responsibility

 ① Please manage your luggage at your own risk. In the unlikely event that a situation such as theft, loss, or damage occurs, we will not take any responsibility.

 ② We do not accept temporary custody of luggage to avoid storage troubles. Please also receive packages from delivery companies, etc. only during the space usage hours.

 ③ In the event of damage or loss to buildings, facilities, fixtures, etc., inside or outside of our store, we may ask you to compensate us for damages equivalent to actual repair costs and sales for the number of days of business interruption.

 ④ If the building, equipment, fixtures, etc. used are extremely dirty, a cleaning fee may be charged separately. The cleaning fee includes the outsourcing fee to a cleaning company, the cost of consumables such as special detergent, and the amount equivalent to the sales for the number of business interruption days.


When applying for use, please sign after accepting all the above items. In addition, we may ask you to present your business card or ID card on the day to confirm your identity.

terms of service


to all our customers

For your safety and comfort

Please be sure to read and follow


Reservation method

・The date and time of use from the reservation form,

Please make a reservation after entering the necessary information.

・In principle, advance payment is requested.



Please contact us by phone or email.

・From the day before the day of use

A cancellation fee will be charged.


The day before 50%

100% on the day



Requests when using

This facility is located on the residential floor.

Please refrain from any behavior that may disturb the residents.

・Playing loud noises

・ Standing in line on the stairs, corridors, or outside the building, or making noise

・Other things that cause a nuisance to neighbors

・Please refrain from any behavior that may disturb other customers, staff, or the store.  

・How to handle age

Pre-school children up to the age of 6 and before entering elementary school,

parent and child (father and daughter, mother and son)

This is the upper age limit for bathing.

※Prohibited matter※

・Activities involving firearms or noise

・Bringing in dangerous items (glass products, metal/knives, explosives)


The following persons should refrain from bathing.

・Those who are prohibited from taking a bath by a doctor

・Those who have an infectious disease or are suspected of having it

・Those who are intoxicated

*If you are not feeling well,

Please refrain from bathing.


*Please refrain from taking a bath after drinking alcohol as it may harm your health.




Number of guests

・One room can accommodate 1 to 3 people.

・You cannot use only minors.

・Children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by a guardian.

*If you are traveling with children, please keep an eye on them.


Requests when using

(When entering the room)

・Please put your shoes in the shoe box.

・Customers are responsible for managing valuables, luggage, and valuables.

*In the unlikely event that there is theft, loss, damage, etc., we cannot take any responsibility.


(About amenities and equipment)

・We have prepared various amenities (some of which are available for a fee) so that you can spend a relaxing time. If you need it, please ask the staff.

・It is strictly prohibited to take away towels, room wear, equipment, etc.

・As soon as it is discovered, you will be charged a suitable compensation.


(Regarding bringing in food and drink)

・You are free to bring your own.

・Delivery service is also available.


(About going out)

・If you go out, you cannot re-enter the room.

・When going out, be sure to ask the staff.


(About optional services)

・If you wish to use optional services, please ask the staff when making a reservation or when entering the room.

・You can also place an order with the "SOS button" and "monitoring camera that allows two-way communication" in your room.


(About smoking)

・Smoking is prohibited in the room.


(Regarding leaving)

・When you leave the room, please call the staff with the "SOS button" and the "monitoring camera with two-way communication" in the room.

・If there is an additional charge, it will be settled when you leave the room.


(About damage)

・Please contact us as soon as possible if furniture or equipment in the building is damaged.

・Depending on the damage situation, you may be required to bear the repair cost separately.


(Other precautions)

・There is no parking lot. Please use a nearby pay parking lot.


Thank you for your cooperation so that everyone can spend comfortably.

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